The Plain Deep Blue 24 Piece Tea Set


The “The Plain Deep Blue” 24-Piece Tea Set is a simple yet elegant collection of teaware that exudes a sense of calm and sophistication. The name reflects the set’s minimalist design, with a focus on a deep and captivating navy blue hue. The entire tea set is uniform in its deep blue color, providing a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance. The absence of intricate patterns or decorations enhances the set’s overall elegance and timeless appeal.

24 piece tea set includes
Six tea cups
Six saucers
Six quarter plates
One teapot with cover
One sugar pot with cover
One milk pot
One cake plate

Material Bone China

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The 24-Piece Tea Set includes the following components:

Teapot with Cover: The centerpiece of the set, the teapot features a sleek and seamless design in plain deep blue. The cover keeps the tea warm and completes the streamlined look.

Six Tea Cups: Each tea cup is designed with a smooth and unadorned surface, showcasing the deep blue color in all its splendor. The cups are perfectly sized for a comforting and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

Six Saucers: The saucers complement the tea cups, providing a clean and elegant surface to hold the cups and catch any drips.

Six Quarter Plates: These plain navy blue plates are designed to hold an array of treats and snacks during teatime, providing a stylish and sophisticated presentation.

One Milk Pot: The milk pot is an essential addition to the set, matching the overall color scheme, and serving as a functional and stylish vessel for milk or cream.

One Sugar Pot with Cover: Completing the tea service, the sugar pot and its cover maintain the same minimalist design, providing a perfect accompaniment to the rest of the set.

One Cake Plate: The cake plate serves as a large and elegant platform to display an assortment of delectable cakes and desserts. Its plain deep blue color adds a touch of sophistication to the serving arrangement.

The Plain Deep Blue” tea set is a perfect choice for those who appreciate simplicity, elegance, and a timeless appeal in their tea-drinking experience. Its striking deep blue color adds a sense of depth and serenity, creating a calming atmosphere for tea parties or quiet moments of indulgence. This minimalist tea set celebrates the beauty of simplicity and is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates understated and refined design.


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