RA 24 Piece Tea Set Secret Garden Butterfly Effect


The “Secret Garden Butterfly Effect” 24-Piece Tea Set is a whimsical and enchanting collection that evokes the beauty of a hidden garden and the delicate dance of butterflies. The name itself suggests a sense of mystery and magic, inviting you to explore its captivating design.

24 piece tea set includes
Six tea cups
Six saucers
Six quater plates
One teapot with cover
One sugar pot with cover
One milk pot
One cake plate

Material Bone China

The tea set features a white base for the cake plate, creating a clean and elegant canvas to showcase the delightful treats served on it. The quarter plates and saucers, on the other hand, boast a soothing light blue base, reminiscent of a clear sky on a sunny day, adding a touch of serenity to the set.

Adorning each piece are vibrant and cheerful flowers in shades of red, yellow, and pink. These colorful blooms infuse the set with a lively and joyous atmosphere, symbolizing the beauty of nature’s wonders.

One of the most striking elements of the “Secret Garden Butterfly Effect” tea set is the geometrical patterned gold border that adorns the edges of each piece. This intricate and shimmering gold border adds a touch of sophistication and luxury, complementing the floral motifs and tying the entire set together in a harmonious blend of nature and artistry.

The 24-Piece Tea Set includes the following components:

Teapot with Cover: The centerpiece of the set, the teapot showcases a delightful combination of flowers and butterflies, capturing the essence of the Secret Garden. The gold-bordered cover adds an element of elegance to this enchanting piece.

Six Tea Cups: Each tea cup features a unique butterfly design and is adorned with a golden border, creating a sense of individuality while maintaining the cohesive theme.

Six Saucers: The saucers match the tea cups, boasting the same butterfly and flower motifs, accompanied by the geometric gold border.

Six Quarter Plates: These charming plates are designed to hold an array of delectable treats and are graced with the same delightful floral patterns and golden borders.

One Sugar Pot with Cover: The sugar pot is adorned with beautiful flowers and butterflies, bringing a touch of sweetness to the set. The golden cover adds an extra touch of elegance.

One Milk Pot: The milk pot completes the tea service, continuing the theme of flowers and butterflies, with a lovely golden border.

One Cake Plate with White Base: The cake plate features a pristine white base, providing a perfect platform to showcase delectable cakes and desserts. The golden geometric patterned border adds a touch of luxury and complements the overall design of the set.

The “Secret Garden Butterfly Effect” tea set is an exquisite fusion of natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship, making it a delightful addition to any tea party or special gathering. It transports guests to a magical realm, where the wonders of nature and the elegance of art come together in perfect harmony.


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