Moroccan Vector Black & White 24 Piece Tea Set


The “Moroccan Vector Black & White” 24-Piece Tea Set is a unique and modern collection of teaware that draws inspiration from the intricate geometric patterns found in Moroccan art and design. The name perfectly encapsulates the essence of the set, combining Moroccan influences with a contemporary twist.

24 piece tea set includes
Six tea cups
Six saucers
Six quater plates
One teapot with cover
One sugar pot with cover
One milk pot
One cake plate

Material Bone China

The tea set features a clean and pristine white base, providing a minimalist backdrop for the striking black accents and patterns that adorn each piece.

One of the standout features of this tea set is its irregular shape. Both the plates and cups boast unconventional and eye-catching silhouettes, breaking away from traditional round forms and adding an artistic touch to the overall design.

Adding a touch of boldness and definition, the quarter plates and saucers are adorned with stylish black borders. These borders beautifully frame the white center, creating a striking contrast that highlights the irregular shapes even further.

The “Moroccan Vector Black & White” 24-Piece Tea Set includes the following components:

Teapot with Cover: The centerpiece of the set, the teapot embraces the geometric theme with its unique shape and black-bordered lid, making it an exquisite focal point during tea gatherings.

Six Irregular-Shaped Tea Cups: The tea cups are a true expression of contemporary design, with each cup featuring a distinct shape and black accents that complement the overall aesthetic.

Six Irregular-Shaped Saucers: Designed to hold the tea cups, these saucers echo the captivating black borders, bringing cohesion to the set.

Six Irregular-Shaped Quarter Plates: Perfectly sized for serving a variety of treats during teatime, the quarter plates boast the same geometric flair and black borders.

One Milk Pot: The milk pot continues the trend of unique shapes and black details, adding functionality and charm to the set.

One Sugar Pot with Cover: Completing the set, the sugar pot aligns with the overall design, featuring a distinctive silhouette and black accents on the lid.

The “Moroccan Vector Black & White” tea set is a blend of contemporary aesthetics and cultural influences, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate modern design and artistic expression. This exceptional collection will undoubtedly become a conversation starter at any tea party or gathering, capturing the attention and admiration of all those who enjoy its elegant and visually captivating appearance.


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