Melamine Plates – Teddy Bear Pink – Quarter Plate


Teddy Love

Us moms, grandmothers & friends who have children always wanna make the littles ones birthdays special. One of the things we look at is – making them looking pretty.

So here we got a solution. These Melamine plates will not only look pretty, but will also be very hard to break 🙂 unlike bone china – these ones will last you longer for children and look pretty aswell. Thus our bone china plates will remain safe 💗

We’ve got different designs with each plate sold separately so if you please to mix and match you can.

Introducing our very own melamine plates. Value for money. Time to not run to the store for disposable plates 🙂

Teddy Bear Blue Melamine Plates are perfect for dinner parties, picnics, or anytime you are in need of durable, sturdy dinnerware. These plates are durable and have the classic look of china with a melamine surface. You get six durable plates at a great price.

The memories your guests make at a Teddy Bears Picnic will be the best memories in their lives. Even if you don’t have a gathering today, get a set of these adorable plates.


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