Italia Pink & Gold 18 Piece Plate Set


.18 piece plate set includes the following

Six Dinner Plates
Six Deep Plates
Six Quarter Plates

Material Bone China


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The set includes four types of plates, each showcasing the captivating Italia Pink & Gold design:

Six Dinner Plates: These dinner plates are the centerpiece of the set, boasting an intricate and ornate pink and gold pattern that radiates elegance and sophistication. The design features intricate motifs, scrollwork, and floral elements, all in a harmonious fusion of pink and gold hues.

Six Quarter Plates: The quarter plates beautifully complement the dinner plates, presenting a slightly smaller version of the Italia Pink & Gold design. The intricate patterns continue to enchant, adding a touch of grandeur to each dining setting.

Six Deep Plates: The deep plates feature the same mesmerizing Italia Pink & Gold design but have a raised and slightly curved shape, ideal for serving soups, stews, or pasta dishes in an elegant and stylish manner.

Six Mugs: Completing the set, the mugs showcase the captivating Italia Pink & Gold pattern, allowing you to enjoy your favorite hot beverages with a touch of opulence and charm.

The Italia Pink & Gold design is a stunning fusion of traditional Italian elegance and contemporary flair. The intricate details and regal motifs add a sense of grandeur to every piece, making this plate set an exceptional choice for formal dinner parties, celebratory occasions, or whenever you want to elevate your dining experience.

With its opulent and refined appeal, the “Italia Pink & Gold” 18-Piece Plate Set exudes a timeless and sophisticated charm, transporting you to the romantic and captivating ambiance of Italian elegance. It promises to impress and delight guests while creating a dining setting that feels like a true masterpiece of Italian artistry.



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