Hand Painted Cart Trolley


“Vintage Elegance on Wheels: Hand-Painted British-Style Service Trolley. Foldable, Expandable, and Simply Stunning! Ideal for Serving with a Touch of Nostalgia.”

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“Step back in time with our exquisitely crafted British-era inspired service trolley. Hand-painted details adorn its vintage charm, while its foldable design ensures it takes up minimal space when not in use. Yet, when the occasion calls for it, this stunning piece expands effortlessly, offering ample serving space. With its wings doubling as a mini table, every service becomes an elegant affair. Made from quality wood, this trolley not only serves with style but also ensures easy storage and maneuverability. Elevate your serving experience with this timeless masterpiece.”

L46” x B30” x H30”

Folded 30”x 18”


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