Hand-Face Towels


Pretty! Pretty! Pretty pom poms, butterflies & flowers! Hand/ Face Towels, super soft Set up your bathroom, your guest room bathrooms, your powder rooms with these pretty ones.

Pink Butterfly Hand Towel (12 inches by 20 inches)

White With Purple/Blue Floral & Butterly (12 inches by 20 inches)

Grey Horse Hand Towels (12 inches by 20 inches)

White Pillar Face Towel (12 inches by 31 inches)

White/Gold Lace Face Towels

Zebra Face Towel (12 Inches by 31 Inches)

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  • ULTRA SOFT and ABSORBENT Made with light, soft bamboo fiber, this set of bamboo cloth offers luxuriously soft touch. Soft and healthy for adults or babies with sensitive skin. More absorbent than normal cotton towels. These washcloths could easily clean up the mess within seconds.
  • LONG-LASTING MATERIAL – Manufactured using the perfect blend of cotton and polyester; these dinner napkins are soft and absorbent, quick-drying, and high in quality! Each napkin is carefully cut and sewn from the finest quality poly cotton fabric with a generous hem that comes in your choice of multiple colors to choose from! 
  • Napkins Dor Dining Table – Dinner Table Napkins –  Kitchen & Dining Accessories

Pink Towel Pair, White With Purple/Blue Pair, Grey Hand Towels Pair, White Pillar Face Towel Pair, White/Gold Lace Face Towels Single, Zebra Face Towel Singal


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