Glass Platter Stallion Teal Black


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Introducing an exquisite 14-inch by 9.5-inch glass platter, proudly made in Turkey, that marries artistry and functionality in a captivating blend. The platter boasts a unique border fashioned from intricately designed stirrups and horseshoes, forming a striking frame that exudes a sense of equestrian elegance.

At the heart of this masterful creation lies a commanding stallion, rendered in sleek black tones, adding an aura of strength and magnificence to the composition. The stallion’s presence commands attention and admiration, making it the focal point of this remarkable piece.

Set against a mesmerizing teal backdrop, the design comes to life with a striking contrast that enhances the visual impact of both the stallion and the border. The teal background infuses a sense of depth and sophistication, while the black elements exude a timeless allure.

Perfect for display or as a statement serving platter, this Turkish-made glass masterpiece encapsulates the spirit of equine beauty and craftsmanship. With its harmonious blend of design elements and meticulous execution, it offers a glimpse into the rich artistic heritage of Turkey and promises to elevate any setting with its captivating presence.


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