Glass Platter Stallion Charcoal Black


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Presenting a stunning 14-inch by 9.5-inch glass platter, meticulously crafted in Turkey, that harmoniously blends artistry and utility. This exceptional piece showcases a meticulously designed border featuring intricate stirrups and horseshoes, creating an elegant and evocative equestrian motif.

The focal point of this masterpiece is a commanding stallion, rendered in sleek black tones, emanating a sense of strength and grace. The stallion’s presence becomes a captivating centerpiece, commanding attention and appreciation.

Against a rich charcoal black background, both the stallion and the border design are elegantly rendered in black, creating a striking monochromatic aesthetic. The deep charcoal hue adds depth and sophistication, allowing the stallion and border to stand out in exquisite contrast.

Whether displayed as a work of art or utilized as a stylish serving platter, this Turkish-crafted glass masterpiece is a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and skillful craftsmanship. Its harmonious design and meticulous execution pay homage to both equestrian beauty and cultural heritage, promising to elevate any setting with its captivating presence.


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