Frangine Amour in Pink (single mug)


“Embrace the elegance of sisterly love with our Pink Mug featuring a chic beige border at the bottom. Adorned with the charming phrase ‘frangine amour,’ which means ‘sisterly love’ in French, this mug is a delightful reminder of cherished bonds and shared moments.”

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“Indulge in the warmth of sisterly love with our Pink Mug, accented by a sophisticated beige border at the base. Etched with the endearing French phrase ‘frangine amour,’ translating to ‘sisterly love,’ this mug embodies the essence of cherished bonds and shared experiences. Each sip becomes a moment of connection and affection, as you’re reminded of the special relationship you hold dear. Whether enjoying a quiet morning coffee or a cozy evening tea, let this mug serve as a beautiful ode to the enduring strength and beauty of sisterhood.”


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