Angela Samara Pink 18 Piece Plate Set


The enchanting 18-piece plate set in a delightful light pink color, a charming and elegant collection that brings a soft and serene touch to your dining experience. This set includes 6 dinner plates, 6 deep plates, and 6 quarter plates, each thoughtfully designed with a captivating floral pattern.

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Dinner Plates and Deep Plates:
The dinner plates and deep plates feature a pristine light pink base adorned with a graceful blue border. The blue border is tastefully decorated with an array of delightful flowers in various shades of purple, orange, pink, blue, and yellow. The combination of these vibrant colors against the gentle light pink backdrop creates a stunning and harmonious design, making every mealtime feel like a special and soothing affair.

Quarter Plates:
The quarter plates also come in the same enchanting light pink color as their larger counterparts. They are beautifully adorned with the same charming floral pattern, featuring delightful flowers in shades of purple, orange, pink, blue, and yellow. The matching design creates a cohesive and elegant look across the entire plate set, adding a touch of refinement and unity to your dining table arrangement.

Overall, the 18-piece plate set in light pink offers a delicate and captivating blend of colors and patterns, creating an inviting and graceful dining experience. Whether it’s a formal dinner, a casual gathering, or a joyful celebration, this plate set infuses your dining moments with the gentle beauty and charm of a blossoming garden. Your guests are sure to be enchanted by the serene and elegant atmosphere of this plate set, making every mealtime a cherished and memorable occasion.


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