31 Piece Tea Set Evergreen


31 Piece Tea Set Evergreen

Six cups
Six saucers
Six quarter plates
One teapot with cover
One sugar pot with cover
One milk pot
One cake plate
Six spoons
One lifter

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The 31-piece tea set is an elegant and charming collection, meticulously crafted from fine porcelain. Its classic design and exquisite detailing make it a delightful addition to any tea lover’s collection. The set features a beautiful blend of beige/off-white as the base color, adorned with a tasteful and graceful floral pattern in shades of blue and green, complemented by subtle hints of pink.

Here’s a breakdown of the set’s components:

Six Cups: Each cup is designed with a comfortable handle and a slightly flared rim, allowing for a pleasant tea-drinking experience. The porcelain material helps retain the tea’s heat, ensuring every sip is enjoyable.

Six Saucers: The accompanying saucers are perfectly sized to hold the tea cups, preventing any spills and serving as a stylish resting place for the cups when not in use.

Six Quarter Plates: These dainty quarter plates are ideal for serving delectable snacks or small treats alongside the tea. The delicate floral pattern adds an enchanting touch to the table setting.

One Teapot with Cover: The centerpiece of the set, the teapot, comes with a matching lid that snugly fits to retain the tea’s warmth. Its graceful spout and handle make pouring tea a smooth and elegant experience.

One Sugar Pot with Cover: The sugar pot is a charming addition, featuring a lid that keeps the sugar protected and easily accessible during tea service.

One Milk Pot: The milk pot is designed to perfectly complement the teapot and sugar pot, allowing for the perfect balance of creaminess to accompany the tea.

One Cake Plate: The cake plate is generously sized, providing a lovely presentation for cakes, pastries, or other desserts during tea time.

Six Spoons: The set includes six spoons, crafted with the same attention to detail, making stirring and serving effortless and stylish.

One Lifter: The lifter is a useful tool for serving cakes or delicate pastries from the cake plate to individual quarter plates with ease.

This 31-piece tea set exudes sophistication and timeless beauty, making it a perfect choice for elegant gatherings, afternoon tea parties, or simply enjoying a serene cup of tea by oneself. The combination of the soft beige/off-white base and the captivating blue, green, and pink floral pattern makes this tea set a true work of art that will undoubtedly impress guests and elevate any tea-drinking experience.


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