Ramazan Kareem Glass Mugs With Handle (set of six)


Embrace the Spirit: These stunning glass mugs, available in hues of blue, green, or yellow, bear the timeless message ‘Ramzan Kareem,’ perfectly suited for the blessed month. Crafted with exquisite quality, they exude beauty and elegance, ideal for both everyday use and thoughtful presents. Let their vibrant colors and meaningful inscription elevate your Ramadan gatherings and cherished moments.

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Sold as a set of six

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“Embrace the Spirit: Within these exquisite glass mugs, crafted in shades of serene blue, refreshing green, or radiant yellow, lies a timeless message: ‘Ramzan Kareem.’ As you hold these mugs, their sturdy handles offer a comforting grip, while the elegant script serves as a reminder of the blessings that abound during this sacred month.

Each mug is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, boasting superior quality and stunning aesthetics. Whether you’re enjoying a soothing cup of tea or serving beverages to loved ones, these mugs elevate any occasion with their beauty and charm.

Their versatility extends beyond personal use; they make for thoughtful presents, symbolizing warmth and goodwill during Ramadan. Imagine gifting these mugs to friends or family, knowing that each sip they take will be imbued with the spirit of Ramzan Kareem.

As you gather around the table, these mugs become more than just vessels; they become conduits for connection, reflection, and gratitude. Let their vibrant colors and meaningful inscription enrich your Ramadan celebrations, making each moment truly unforgettable.”


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