Butterfly Garden Rose (Two-Tiered Stand)


Introducing the Butterfly Garden Rose Two-Tiered Stand, where elegance meets functionality. Each serving plate features a delicately crafted pink 3D rose, surrounded by exquisite pink florals and butterflies that evoke a dreamy garden setting. Perfect for serving tea, desserts, and savory treats, this stand allows you to present your culinary delights beautifully and concisely. Elevate your hosting experience and delight your guests with this stunning piece, designed to make every gathering memorable.

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Presenting the Butterfly Garden Rose Two-Tiered Stand, a perfect fusion of artistry and utility. Each tier features an elegantly crafted 3D pink rose at the center, surrounded by delicate pink florals and butterflies, evoking the charm of a dreamlike garden.

This stand is designed for the sophisticated presentation of your culinary creations, whether it’s desserts or savory bites. Its sturdy build ensures that your treats are showcased beautifully and securely. Ideal for hosting, the stand allows you to serve your guests in style, making every bite a visual delight.

Guests hold a special place in our lives, and with the Butterfly Garden Rose Two-Tiered Stand, you can offer them a memorable experience with beautifully arranged snacks and treats. Elevate your gatherings with this exquisite piece, designed to add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your table.


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